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Wooden City Magic Clock

Part No:
Wooden City

Price: 38.04

Approx: 37.09 / US$38.36 Tax Free

Get your own Magic Clock and you'll suddenly find yourself in a fabulous country full of secrets, love, and enchantment!
Start it up and listen to the passage of time! A steady rhythm marks the fleeting seconds ... Tick-tock...
The Magic Clock is not just a 3D puzzle, it actually "lives". You can watch the whole mechanism and study its work. It will truly fascinate and take you to the world of Beauty and the Beast or its adaptation The Scarlet Flower, and who from such stories might you remember? Of course, the talking clock Cogsworth!
Fairy tale and science all in one. For the pendulum, you need only invest a coin. The correct pendulum swing frequency for the accurate passage of time depends on its weight. What a mathematical game! One movement of the clock lasts half an hour.
The Magic Clock 3D Puzzle by WOODEN.CITY consists of two clock faces - one for hours and one for minutes - the clock mechanism and a pendulum.
They are refined, whimsical and at the same time harmonious - they will be the unique highlight of your home. Mechanical clocks with fine-designed woodcarving make unique gifts for your loved ones and putting them together makes an exotic hobby for you.

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