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Wooden City Dream Express

Part No:
Wooden City

Price: 36.90

Approx: 35.98 / US$37.21 Tax Free

Wooden City Dream Express
This small express is so unusual and creative that it will not leave anyone indifferent. Made of natural materials, the set consists of an original box, tiles with parts for assembly, spare parts and additional materials that will simplify the process of your assembly. Assembling that model is not difficult, because it comes with a printed instruction with a step-by-step explanation of the assembly. You don't even need to use glue for assembly. The model is wound up with a key and driven by a rubber motor. The set has a small section of rails. Passable distance with the full start of the rubber motor is 1,5 m. Detailed instructions are included, and there is no need for glue.

Some functions of assembled model: ?
- it starts with a special key from left and from right;
- has a driving wheels;
- rides back and forward;
- rides around;

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