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WBC Police Launch Boat Kit 400mm

Part No:
The Wooden Model Boat Company
Price: 64.58

Approx: 62.43 / US$65.66 Tax Free

WBC Police Launch Boat Kit 400mm
This striking Police Launch epitomises the type used by MOD Marine Units for overt counter-terrorism policing of HM Naval Bases and high-profile armed patrolling of strategic waterfront locations. Replicating a modern workhorse the model drives well in most conditions, excels in calmer water and looks very much the part, displacing a neat bow wave and leaving a tidy, satisfying wake.

The Wooden Model Boat Company prides itself on producing traditional model boat kits that build quickly and accurately into delightful semi-scale replicas, each as happy cruising on the lake as it is adorning the mantelpiece at home. Using precise laser-cut balsa and ply parts, coupled with a semi self-jigging / interlocking hull frame and easy to follow step-by-step instructions, success is practically guaranteed. Whether you plan to build this police boat for two-channel radio control or static display the process is very similar, as are the rewards.

Key Features
Accurate laser-cut balsa and ply components.
Plastic 3D printed seats.
Interlocking self-jigging parts.
Quick assembly with minimal parts count.
Designed for two-channel radio control.
Takes a basic 280-size brushed motor.
400mm long.
Perfect for small ponds and lakes.

What's in the Box
1x Laser-cut hull parts set.
1x Laser-cut deck and cabin parts set.
1x Laser-cut stand parts set.
1x Perspex window sheet.
1x 3D printed plastic parts set (life rings, comms mast etc.).
1x Deck magnet set.
1x Piano wire handrail.
1x Comprehensive instruction manual.
1x Stanchion pack.

Needed to Complete
1x 280-size brushed motor.
1x 15A marine ESC.
1x Mini or micro servo.
1x 2-channel 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver combo.
1x 150 x 2mm threaded propeller shaft.
1x 33 x 22mm brass rudder.
1x 25mm x M2 brass propeller.
1x 7.3V 1100mAh LiPo battery & suitable charger.
1x Suitable glues, paints and building materials.

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