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Volantex Vector SR65 Brushed RTR Racing Boat Yellow

Part No:
Price: 104.48 (Including VAT)

Approx: 101.87 / US$119.29 Tax Free

The Vector SR65 will have you racing across your local pond or lake looking like a powerboating pro in no time. Incredibly fast and breathtakingly exciting the SR65's speed is generated by a powerful pre-installed water-cooled brushed motor and 30A water-cooled, waterproof ESC. Supplied RTR (Ready-To-Run) with battery and USB charge lead the Vector comes 100% factory-assembled and features a durable ABS hull with eye-catching pre-applied graphics. The included 2-channel 2.4GHz radio combo has fully proportional steering and throttle control leaving nothing to buy but 4 AA batteries for the transmitter. Get one and you'll be making waves within minutes of opening the box.

Key Features
100% factory-assembled.
Get out of jail self-righting design.
Proportional 2.4GHz steer-wheel transmitter.
Adjustable turn fins facilitate a tuned race performance.
Powerful water-cooled 390-size brushed motor.
Forward and reverse running.
Sealed water resistant hatch.
Twin adjustable trim tabs to guarantee stable, smooth running.

What's in the Box
1x Vector SR65 RTR self-righting powerboat.
1x 2-channel, 2.4GHz steer-wheel transmitter.
1x 2S 7.4V 1500mAh LiIon battery with HCT connector.
1x USB battery charge lead.
1x Spare propeller.
1x Slot-together display stand.
1x Comprehensive instruction manual.

Needed to Complete
4x AA batteries for the transmitter.

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