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Powder Monkey Trafalgar 1805

Part No:
Victory Miniatures
Price: 29.94

Approx: 28.94 / US$30.44 Tax Free

To be assembled, glued and painted - 12 resin parts.
120mm Scale Resin & White Metal Kit
This figure was designed to complement our Trafalgar series of kits. It also provides a stand alone subject. It gives some idea of the distance that society has travelled in the two hundred years since Trafalgar. To us it is inconceivable that children, ten or twelve years of age, could be exploited among the horrors of the gun decks of a Ship of the line in battle. In a similar way their contemporaries were sent up chimneys. Our figure points up the poignancy of these children's lives.

Our kit includes a powder charge and shot for location on the base.

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