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Turk Model Panderma (Bandirma) Ferry 1:87

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Turk Model
Price: 74.00

Approx: 72.77 / US$80.79 Tax Free

Turk Model Panderma (Bandirma) Ferry 1:87
The ship was built by Mac. Intyre Paisley-Huston and Cardett shipyard, Glasgow, Britain, as a passanger and cargo ship. The ship's first owner Dussey and Robinson Company named it as 'Torocaderto' and used for 5 years. In 1883, the ship was sold to H.Psicha Preus, Greece. Then, it's name was changed to 'Kymi'.

In 1890, the last owner sold it to another Greek company which was Cap. Andereadis. The ship sunk at 1891 and was brought up in the same year. It was sold to Istanbul Rama Derasimo and recorded to Istanbul port. In 1894 she started to work for Ottoman Maritime administration. Her name was changed to 'Panderma' (Bandirma) and served as a post ship at Marmara sea.

The Ship completed a historical mission. On 1919, 19.May, The Founder of Modern Turkey Republic Mustafa Kemal ATATURK arrived at Samsun from Istanbul by this ship and started the Turkish Independance War against the occupiers. The ship was taken to pieces at 1925 at Golden Horn.

1:87 Scale
Length 62cm

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