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Trumpeter Zerstorer Z-7 1942 1:700 Scale

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Price: 16.99 (Including VAT)
Euro: 19.88 (Inc VAT) US$18.12 (Tax Free)
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Z-7 destroyer belongs to 1934A type, also known as the Z5 calss, launched in July 16, 1936.Entered service in September 9, 1937.The destroyer from 1934 type design lesson modified ship host design and improve seakeeping, accelerated construction of simplified design improved, so some ships and even 1934 synchronism service, but used only to sea firing old gun, in the total performance cannot be compared and the British destroyer.Fighting mainly used as minelayer use.The ship finally in May 2, 1942 by HMS Edinburgh sunk.

Scale 1:700
Length: 170mm Beam: 16.5mm

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