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Trumpeter USSR Navy Minsk Aircraft Carrier 1:700 Scale

Part No:
Price: 36.98

Approx: 36.37 / US$40.37 Tax Free

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Briefing on Minsk Aircraft Carrier»Minsk is the second aircraft carrier of the former USSR Kiev-Class carriers. The keel was laid on in December of 1972 and the vessel was launched in October 1975. In February 1978, Minsk officially joined in the USSR Navy on its active duty in the former USSR Pacific Fleet. There are eight missile launchers located on the head of the deck along with a number of other functional missile launchers on the four sides of upper deck. The carrier is also equipped with four 76mm conventional guns which make it so different from the U.S.Navy Ships. Minsk is the first aircraft carrier that carries the vertical and short-distance take-off fighters.
Scale 1:700 Length 387mm

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