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Trumpeter USS North Carolina BB-55 1:350 Scale

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Price: 92.99

Approx: 89.89 / US$94.54 Tax Free

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USS North Carolina BB-55
Length overall: 222.1m Beam: 33m Draft: 10.8m Displacement Standard:36600t Full Load:46700t
The North Carolina (BB-55) was laid down 27 October 1937 by New York Naval Shipyard; launched 13 June 1940 and commissioned at New York 9 April 1941. North Carolina completed her shakedown in the Caribbean prior to the Pearl Harbor attack, and after intensive war exercises, entered the Pacific 10 June 1942. When the U.S. attacked Guadalcanal in early August of 1942, North Carolina was the only U.S. battleship available to provide protection for the carriers Wasp CV-7, Saratoga CV-3 and Enterprise CV-6. In the Battle of the Eastern Solomon, North Carolina forever changed the role of the new battleships when she shot down seven Japanese planes in one battle. After that battle it would not be uncommon for fast battleship to screen aircraft carriers due to their massive anti-aircraft batteries. On the afternoon of September 15 1942, one torpedo was hit the North Carolina. The torpedo hit tore a hole 10 meter long and 6 meter high in the shell plating and caused 5 dead. After inactivation, she decommissioned at New York 27 June 1947. On 29 April 1962 she was dedicated at Wilmington, N.C., as a memorial to North Carolinians of all services killed in World War II. North Carolina received 12 battle stars for World War II service.

Scale 1:350
Model Brief Length: 635 mm Width: 95mm
Total Plastic Parts 634pcs
Box Size 71×27×7.8cm
Total Sprues 12pcs sprues plus lower hull, upper hull, decks and waterline plate and display stand
Decal Marking 1946 Measure 22
More Features Either waterline version or full hull version can be selected.

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