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Trumpeter Junkers Ju 87R 1:32 Scale

Part No:
Price: 54.98

Approx: 54.07 / US$60.02 Tax Free

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Ju87R actually comes from the Ju87B improved remote model, its purpose is primarily known as the attack transport vessels. Ju87R and Ju87B compared to the most important improvement is the fuel tank beneath the outer wing sections and wing by hanging two Disposable 300 liters fuel tank . That can reach 1,080 liters of fuel carrying capacity . In the main fuel tank 500 liters, an increase of 480 liters total volume of wing tanks and fuel tanks of 600 liters ) of fuel if the type of machine to fill it, in order to avoid overloading, weapon load will usually limited to only mount 250 kg of bombs .

Ju87R various models produced a total of 972, including 105 R-1, 472,144 R-2 and R-4, all manufactured by Weserflug companies. Finally a Ju87R in October 1941 off the assembly line.

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