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Trumpeter Junkers Ju 87B-2 Stuka 1:32 Scale

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Price: 54.98

Approx: 53.15 / US$55.90 Tax Free

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Ju87B series is JU87 series in the first mass-produced models. The first batch of a total of six manufacturing early production of Ju87B-0, by the Ju87A body modification. From the summer of 1937 to begin flight testing. At least three planes, souped C-or E-type naval use.

The first production model was Ju87B-1, equipped with a relatively large Junkers Jumo211D engine, maximum power of 1,184 hp, redesigned fuselage and landing gear. After these new designs were tested in Spain battlefield again, where it proved superior ability, the yield per month rose to 60 . As a result, before the outbreak of World War II, the German Air Force hands have 336 Ju 87B-1. B-1 model is equipped with the " Jericho horn, "said the sound device , the device is essentially a diameter of 70 cm propeller-driven sound device, installed in the front of the wing leading edge or landing gear strut. Mainly used to screech when in dive bombing to intimidate the opponent, in order to achieve the effect of weakening the morale of the enemy, but later the device was canceled because it is too cumbersome, will make the aircraft's speed decreased by about 20-25 km / h. Accordingly, in some bomb tail installed a similar whistle, will be issued after the launch wailing sound.

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