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Trumpeter Admiral Graf Spee German Pocket Battleship (1939) 1:700 Scale

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Price: 29.99

Approx: 29.49 / US$32.74 Tax Free

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During the WW, Admiral Graf Spee began her cruise as a raider in the South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, thus threatening vital Allied supply lines Britain formed eight hunting groups to look for Admiral Graf Spee, totalling three battleships, two battlecruisers, four aircraft carriers, and 16 cruisers. On 13 December 1939, she was located by a British Hunting Group, consisting of three cruisers, and the Battle of the River Plate ensued. During the battle, the Graf Spee inflicted heavy damage upon the Exeter, forcing the latter to break off the engagement. However, the German ship suffered damage. Admiral Graf Spee entered the neutral port of Montevideo, Uruguay for repairs. But her escape route was cut off later. On 17 December 1939, with the British cruisers waiting in international waters, the German warship sailed just outside the harbor and was scuttled by her crew.
Scale 1:700, Length 266mm

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