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Tamiya WWII French Infantry Set 1:35 Scale

Part No:
Price: 14.99

Approx: 14.49 / US$15.24 Tax Free

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Highly-detailed 1/35 scale assembly kit set of six French infantry figures plus accessories.
Comes with 4 riflemen figures, 1 machine gunner figure, and 1 commander figure, all in realistic combat poses.
French army uniforms, helmets, equipment, and weapons have been painstakingly researched for the utmost accuracy.

In addition to the figure parts, set includes 2 sprues of the following weapons and accessories:
MAS-36 Rifle x2
MLE 24/29 Light Machine Gun x1
Helmet x3
Machine Gun Bipod (Deployed) x1
Gas Mask Bag x3
Machine Gun Bipod (Retracted) x1
Canteen x3
Ammunition Pouch x4
Holster x1
Binocular Case x1
Kepi x1
Map Case x1

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