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WR-02 Assembly Universal Shaft (2 Pieces)

Part No:

Price: 39.95 (Including VAT)
Euro: 42.74 (Inc VAT) US$38.28 (Tax Free)

WR-02 Assembly Universal Shaft (2 Pieces)

These Assembly Universal Shafts are designed for use with WR-02 chassis to minimize friction loss and ensure smooth power transfer to the wheels.
•Drive Shaft x 2
•Wheel Axle x 2
•Cross Joint x 2
•Grub screws, joint shafts, and hex wrench included.
•Compatible with WR-02 chassis. (VW Wheelie, Wild Wheelie 2 and Suzuki Jimny)
•Note: Also compatible with TT-01 chassis with wide tread specs.

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