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Tamiya TT-02B Full Turnbuckle Set

Part No:
Price: 17.50

Approx: 17.06 / US$17.64 Tax Free

TT02B Full Turnbuckle Set
This set"s turnbuckle contents allow finer adjustment of the standard TT-02B chassis set-up. 7 total turn-buckle shafts are included to replace TT-02B standard front upper arms (x2), rear upper arms (x2), steering tie-rods (x2) and steering linkage (x1). The set is compatible with the TT-02B chassis only.

5mm Adjusters x7
3x32mm Stainless Steel Adjustable Shaft x4
3x23mm Stainless Steel Adjustable Shaft x3
Wrench and parts to attach to chassis.

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