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TT-02B Rein Covers & Lower Arms

Part No:
Price: 8.99 (Including VAT)

Approx: 8.61 / US$10.26 Tax Free

These are carbon fiber-reinforced plastic parts. The sprue contains lower suspension arm, gear cover parts and more.

• TT-02B Reinforced Gear Cover & Lower Suspension Arm Parts x2
• Contains the following parts from the TT-02B C sprue: C1 (front lower arms), C9 (rear lower arms), C6 (body mounts), C7 (gear covers) and C8 (battery posts)
• Glass fiber-reinforced parts improve chassis rigidity, and performance on high-grip carpet and asphalt surfaces.
• Compatible with TT-02B chassis cars. Use with turnbuckle shafts.

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