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TT-02 Aluminium Steering Set Type S

Part No:
Price: 64.99 (Including VAT)

Approx: 63.37 / US$74.20 Tax Free

Enhance the TT-02 Type-S chassis with this high-performance aluminum steering set. The set provides silky smooth steering movement and improved durability.

• Aluminum Steering Bridge (Long Tie-Rod Design) x1
• Aluminum Steering Arms Left & Right x1 each
• Open Face Reinforced Adjusters x2
• Aluminum Steering Posts x2
• 3x38mm Turnbuckle Shafts x2
• 3x42mm Turnbuckle Shaft x1
• Screws and other small parts for attachment are included.
• New steering post attachment positions contribute to greater reliability.
• Compatible with TT-02 Type-S chassis cars.

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