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Tamiya TC-01 Aluminium Steering Arm L/R

Part No:
Price: 32.99

Approx: 31.89 / US$33.54 Tax Free

The steering arms found in the TC-01 chassis are made out of plastic. This upgraded version is made of machined aluminum which changes the steering feel of your car and provides smoother operation. Use the upgraded part for a sharper handling feel.

• Aluminum Steering Arms Left & Right x1 each
• These precision, lightweight aluminum parts can be used in place of the kit-standard plastic components T4 and T7. They give secure attachment, as well as direct steering feel and superior durability.
• Tamiya blue anodized finish.
• Recommended for use with the aluminum steering bridge in Item 54957.
• Compatible with TC-01 chassis cars.
• Ball bearings are not included. 850 (8x5mm recommended)

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