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Tamiya TA-06 G Diff Aluminium Cup Joint

Part No:
Price: 16.99

Approx: 16.43 / US$17.28 Tax Free

Tamiya TA-06 G Diff Aluminium Cup Joint
This cup joint set is made of aluminum and it's made to be used with the TA-06 gear differential unit. The standard cup joints are made of steel. The new aluminum cup joints also feature drive shaft pin protectors, also known as "blades" so the wear and tear to the cup joint is prolonged.
Installing these parts in place of those included in the kit will bring a weight savings of around 7.6g.

The set includes pin protectors to protect the joint cup and drive shaft from wear and tear.

Can be used with TA06 front diff (39T) or rear diff (52T).

Compatible with TA06, TA06 PRO and FF03R chassis machines.

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