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Tamiya Super Stock Motor Type RZ

Part No:

Price: 45.59 incl. VAT
Approx: 50.15 / US$49.01

A high performance motor for electric radio control car use.
A high revolution motor designed for sprint race or high speed track.
Can be disassembled for maintenance. Features lay-down brushes
Red anodized end bell with brush dampers.
Features terminal heat sink and detachable chip capacitor.
23 turn motor
Usable voltage: 7.2V
R.P.M. at best efficiency: 27,500rpm (7.2V)
Torque at best efficiency: 500g-cm (7.2V)
JRM certified motor.

The Super Stock Motor RZ is the second release in the 23T stock motors. Perfect for sprint racing and high-speed tracks, the RZ features higher revolutions than the Type RR Stock Motor. Features lay-down brushes, red anodized end bell with brush dampers, terminal heat sink, detachable chip capacitor and can be disassembled for easy maintenance.

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