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Tamiya Space Shuttle Atlantis 1:100 Scale

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Price: 49.99

Approx: 48.33 / US$50.83 Tax Free

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As a transportation agency connecting the Earth and the universe, the space shuttle which the American NASA (Aerospace Authority) started development in 1972. In 1981, a total of 135 launches were carried out from the successful launch of Unit 1 Colombia for the first launch to the retirement in 2011, including various experiments in the installed space lab (space laboratory), multipurpose replenishment He contributed to space development by performing various missions such as construction of the International Space Station (ISS) using modules, emission of space telescope and satellites, etc.

Unfortunately Columbia and the Challenger were lost in the accident, but Atlantis sent the Venus probe Magellan in May, 1989, in October the same year sent out the Jupiter probe Galileo, in 2000 I made an assembly and replenishment mission of the International Space Station. And, we finished the last mission successfully, and it took off for space space development era of space shuttle for more than 30 years.

This is a plastic model assembly kit that reproduces Space Shuttle · Atlantis on 1/100 scale
Length 373 mm, full width 238 mm
It can be assembled by choosing the last flight of July 2011 and the first flight of the space shuttle
The interior of the flight deck, the main engine, and the landing gear are also precision finished
The cargo hatch hatch can be opened and closed. Reflectors on the back side of the hatch are reproduced with plated parts
Set of six types of space shuttle aircraft marks including the prototype enterprise. We prepare the initial type and the final type meter panel, the final exterior panel etc at the decal
Includes 2 astronauts and a stand for display.

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