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Tamiya ST Block Rear Bubble Tyre Soft (2)

Part No:
Price: 16.99

Approx: 16.43 / US$17.28 Tax Free

ST Block Rear Bubble Tyre Soft x 2
These are soft compound tires that are designed to be used with the TAMIYA Comical Avante. Compared to the standard kit tires, these tires will provide your machine more traction and enhanced corning grip. The higher grip tires are especially useful when it’s time to put more power into your machine!

• ST Block Rear Bubble Tires (Soft) x2
• Tires are softer than kit-standard counterparts, giving greater grip on poor surfaces.
• Stepped block patterns offer enhanced dirt traction.
• Compatible with GF-01, G6-01, WR-02C, WR- 02G and WR-02CB cars using WR-02CB S (spoke) and T (rim) parts.

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