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Tamiya Reinforced Axle Shaft Set

Part No:
Price: 24.98

Approx: 24.36 / US$25.19 Tax Free

Boost the durability of your 1/14 R/C truck with these tough axle shafts crafted in reinforced material! This will be of particular reassurance to those hauling big trailers or bed loads, or employing a TROP series tuned motor. The shafts are used in the differential unit, and can be switched directly with the existing parts.

• Reinforced Axle Shaft A x1
• Reinforced Axle Shaft B x1
• Clamp-Type Aluminum Wheel Hubs x2
• Small parts for attachment are also included.
• Compatible with 1/14 R/C Truck Series models, including Items 56307, 56357 and 56360*.
• Note: Models with two driven axles will require 2 sets to complete

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