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Tamiya RS-540 Torque Tuned Motor

Part No:
Price: 14.99

Approx: 14.49 / US$15.24 Tax Free

Tamiya has developed this Torque-Tuned motor, which offers performance that is between that of a standard Type 540 motor and Item 53068 Sport-Tuned Motor. Compared to a standard Type 540 motor, it offers a higher top speed and improved acceleration when used with RC car models with standard gear ratios.

Get started with tuning by fitting this Type 540 motor!
It will provide excellent acceleration and speed, and can be used on models from on-road to off, even on big tire vehicles!
Input voltage: 6.6-7.2V
Torque at recommended load: 16,000rpm (7.2V)
Maximum torque: 30mN
Current consumption at recommended load: 10A (7.2V)

• Standard 540-Turns: 27T *Top speed: 24.3Km/h
• Torque-Tuned Motor: Turns: 25T *Top Speed: 26km/h
• Sport-Tuned Motor: Turns: 23T *Top Speed: 29.1km/h
• *Measured using TT-01 chassis with kit-standard gear ratio

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