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Tamiya M-06 Titanium Screw Set

Part No:
Price: 84.98

Approx: 82.15 / US$86.40 Tax Free

This is a Titanium Screw Set for M-06 chassis. This set will save you approximately 20g in comparison with the kit-standard screws. There are a total of 84 screws included in the set.
3x6mm screw x 2pcs.
3x8mm screw x 7pcs.
3x10mm screw x 42pcs.
3x12mm screw x 13pcs.
3x15mm screw x 10pcs.
3x18mm screw x 2pcs.
3x25mm screw x 1pc.
3x8mm hex screw x 2pcs.
3x10mm hex screw x 3pcs.
3x12mm hex screw x 2pcs.

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