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Tamiya German Tank Crew Field Maintenance Set 1:48 Scale

Part No:
Price: 13.99 (Including VAT)

Approx: 13.41 / US$15.97 Tax Free

Buy any selected plastic kit and get a 10% discount off the price shown, buy 4 or more and get a 15% discount off each model.

Tamiya provides more 1/48 scale diorama options for military modellers everywhere with the release of this extensive figure and accessory set. Match them with any of our large lineup of 1/48 MM German vehicles to add more life to your display.

High quality 1/48 scale German army figure and accessory set.
Set includes 9 figures doing various tasks in realistic standing and kneeling poses.

Ammunition loading - 4 figures Tire repair - 1 figure

Engine maintenance - 2 figures Painting - 1 figure
Supervisor - 1 figure

Large selection of accurately reproduced accessories and tools included.
88mm ammunition for King Tiger (x2)

Wooden case for 88mm ammunition for King Tiger (x2)

88mm ammunition for Tiger I (x4)

Wooden case for 88mm ammunition for Tiger I (x2)

75mm ammunition for Panther (x2)

Wooden case for 75mm ammunition for Panther (x2)

75mm ammunition for Pz.kpfw.IV (x4)

Wooden case for 75mm ammunition for Pz.kpfw.IV (x2)

Oil drum (x2)

1 each of the following accessories: Tool Kit, Ladder, Burner, Tool Bag, Wooden Crate,
Hammer, Bucket, Jack Crank, Jack, Anvil, Vise, Open Tool Box, Closed Tool Box, Oil Siphon, 18 Liter Can

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