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Tamiya DT-02 Ball Differential Set

Part No:
Price: 34.99

Approx: 33.83 / US$35.58 Tax Free

Ball diff set provides limited slip effect, improving mobility and traction while enabling stable
high speed cornering. Diff effect also protects gears from damage. Gear width has been
reduced from 20mm to 15mm, reducing friction loss.

*Compatible chassis: DT-02 (ITEM 58340 Super Fighter G must use with ITEM 53791 Assembly
Universal Shaft)

17mm thrust washer x 2
3mm steel ball x 10
1150 thrust bearing x 1
Gearbox joint (long) x 1
Gearbox joint (short) x 1
Diff gear x 1
Stepped bolt x 1
Pressure plate A x 1
Pressure plate B x 1
Pressure plate cap x 1

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