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Tamiya R/C Comical Avante (GF-01CB)

Part No:
Price: 210.00

Approx: 206.50 / US$229.25 Tax Free

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The Tamiya series of comical buggies has been a great hit among fans of radio control modeling. It’s a fun and unique chassis combined with bodies re-imagining Tamiya classic names in polycarbonate. Now, the next model is here and not only does it feature a brand-new subject in the shape of the Comical Avante, it also introduces another new chassis variant, the GF-01CB!

• 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit.
• Stylized polycarbonate comical Avante body and wing.
• The body is pre-painted in PS-16 Metallic Blue.
• Driver figure included.
• Bumper and muffler parts included, with two types of headlight/foglamps.
• Separately sold LEDs can be used to light up the model front and rear.
• New ST block bubble tires have stepped block patterns (width/diameter: front 45/99mm, rear 55/99mm).
• GF-01 variant chassis with tweaked frame components to allow attachment of dedicated parts.
• Gear-driven 4-wheel drive system.
• ABS two-part wheels are molded in yellow (rims) and dark gray (spokes).
• CVA oil dampers ensure superior suspension dampening.
• A rear wheelie bar lets you perform thrilling wheelies by slamming on the throttle.
• Note: Bubble front tires from previous comical buggy releases are not compatible with this kit.
• Includes Tamiya 540-motor.
• Includes: Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC (electronic speed control) Capable of running sensor brushless motors and brushed motors alike. (21.5 Turn BL motor limit) (23 Turn brushed motor limit)
• Required Items: 2-Channerl radio, steering servo, 7.2volt battery pack with compatible charger.
• NOTE: Must use round type stick battery pack. Square shaped batteries will not fit the battery compartment.

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