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Tamiya CC-02 Carbon Steel Propshaft

Part No:
Price: 39.98

Approx: 38.65 / US$40.65 Tax Free

This is a Hop-Up Option propeller shaft that is for the Tamiya CC-02 cross country chassis. Use it in place of the standard plastic propeller shafts for increased durability and a more efficient drivetrain.

• Propeller shafts A & B x1 each
• Propeller Joints x2
• Cross Joints x2
• Use instead of the kit-standard plastic propeller shaft.
• Facilitates minimal drive loss, and adjusts telescopically to adapt to suspension movement.
• Durable and rigid carbon tool steel is used to prevent shafts from twisting, and facilitates low friction.
• Matte black plated finish.
• Compatible with CC-02S and CC-02M chassis cars.
• Please note that this set contains parts to assemble one shaft. Two sets are required to complete the chassis upgrade.

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