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Tamiya CC-02 Aluminium Spur Gear Mount

Part No:
Price: 15.98

Approx: 15.45 / US$16.25 Tax Free

Tamiya CC-02 Aluminium Spur Gear Mount
This aluminum component can be used in place of the CC-02 chassis’ standard plastic part. The aluminum part improves overall rigidity and acceleration.

• Aluminum Spur Gear Mount x1
• For use in place of the kit-standard plastic A5 component, this mount both improves chassis rigidity and increases drivetrain efficiency.
• This component is attached using three screws (kit-standard part uses two), for a more secure setup.
• Lightweight aluminum gun metal color anodized finish.
• Shims are included to fine-tune attachment.
• Compatible with CC-02 chassis cars.

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