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CC-02 Aluminium Damper Set

Part No:
Price: 94.98

Approx: 93.40 / US$103.69 Tax Free

Tamiya CC-02 Aluminium Dampers x 4
Fit your CC-02 chassis with these hi-spec dampers to not only boost its already-capable suspension, but also make your model look even more realistic with its aluminum spec material!

• This set contains parts for four dampers (cylinders, cylinder caps, O-ring caps, adjustable retainers)
• Crafted in lightweight, precision aluminum, the cylinders minimize friction to get the most out of your suspension. They are narrower than kit-standard plastic cylinders, for a more realistic look.
• Ball connectors are used top and bottom (CC-02 kits use a screw and collar on the top), ensuring smoother roll motion in particular.
• These dampers can be used with kit-standard springs or the dedicated, separately sold ones in Item 54992.
• Small parts for attachment included.
• Compatible with CC-02 chassis cars.

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