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CC-01 Universal Shaft

Part No:
Price: 31.99 (Including VAT)

Approx: 31.19 / US$35.19 Tax Free

Tamiya CC-01 Universal Shaft
This is a universal drive shaft that is designed to be used with the Tamiya CC-01 chassis platform. By replacing the standard steel dog bone and joint cup in the base kit the drivetrain of the vehicle becomes more efficient and there is less power loss to the drive wheels.

• Contains 2x CC-01 Universal Shafts.
• Reduce power loss in the drivetrain, giving smoothness and better efficiency.
• Reduces risk of shafts coming loose.
• Parts are finished in a color reminiscent of actual road cars, enhancing your model’s realism.
• Compatible with CC-01 Chassis cars.

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