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Tamiya CC-01 Lowering Kit

Part No:
Price: 42.50

Approx: 41.44 / US$42.86 Tax Free

Tamiya CC-01 Lowering Kit
This kit lowers the CC-01 chassis by 16mm, giving enhanced stability that optimizes the chassis for on-road use by lowering the center of gravity. At the same time, parts such as the plated dish wheels make your CC-01 car have a custom look. A 20T pinion gear is included to enable speedier running.

73mm diameter Low Profile Tires x4
Dish Wheels (Plated) x4
Inner Sponge for 4 tires
20T Pinion Gear x1
Damper Oil (#400, Yellow)
Damper Springs (White)* x4
Flanged Spacers x4

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