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4WD Off Road Dish Wheels x 4

Part No:
Price: 12.98 (Including VAT)

Approx: 12.66 / US$14.28 Tax Free

For more off-road buggy wheel options, Tamiya releases a new set of off-road dish wheels
for 4WD buggies. Wheel size (Front: 60/24, Rear: 60/29) is the same as the current main
grade-up buggy wheel, Star Dish Wheel (Front: 53089, Rear: 53086).

Front dish wheel (60/24) x 2
Rear dish wheel (60/29) x 2

All Star Dish Wheel compatible 4WD buggy (TL-01B, DF-02, Dirt Thrasher, Blazing Star, Manta Ray etc.)

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