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TT-02 Adjustable Upper Arm Set

Part No:
Price: 23.99

Approx: 23.59 / US$26.19 Tax Free

These are adjustable upper arms that can be used on any variant of the TT-02 chassis. The parts allow you to add or decrease wheel camber. Adding camber for racing purposes allows the car to alter its traction characteristics under turning and cornering.

• Glass fiber-reinforced Upper Arms x2
• Stainless steel Turnbuckle Shafts x2
• Low-Friction Suspension Balls x2
• Arms are assembly type, and allow adjustment of camber in a range of 0 to 2 degrees.
• Compatible with TT-02, TT-02R, TT-02RR and TT-02D chassis cars.
• Cannot be used with Item 54639. If using with Item 53792, use Item 42236 for adjustment.

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