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Tamiya R/C Dark Impact (DF-03)

Part No:
Price: 199.99

Approx: 193.33 / US$203.33 Tax Free

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Even while still in prototype form, the Dark Impact was already hitting the track at competitions as part of the research and developement process. Using Tamiya's traditional shaft-driven chassis formula, the Dark Impact features a highly efficient drivetrain and optimized vehicle balance. Its stylish slim body styling includes a large rear wing for maximum downforce and combines with high-density spike tire K at all four corners for stable off-road performance.

Durable monocoque bathtub frame sees the heavy battery and R/C mechanism components mounted low and central for the best vehicle balance. Even the oil dampers are located within the wheelbase for greater stability and cornering performance. Compact gearboxes are equipped with ball differentials, and the propeller shaft directly links to the front bevel gear to decrease power loss during transmission. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension with long suspension arms provides excellent shock absorption, and a variety of attachment positions gives the driver many options when tuning.

Length: 387mm
Width: 250mm
Height: 145mm
Lowest Ground Clearance: 24mm
Wheelbase: 272mm
Weight: Approx. 1156g
Tread: (Front) 217mm, (Rear) 203mm
Tire Width/Diameter: (Front) 33/87mm, (Rear) 43/87mm
Frame: Monocoque
Drivetrain: Shaft-driven 4WD
Diff. Gear: Front/Rear Ball Diff
Steering: 3-piece Tie Rod
Suspension: 4-wheel Double Wishbone
Dampers: (Front) CVA Damper Mini, (Rear) CVA Oil Damper (Short)
Gear Ratio: 9.17:1 Motor: Type RS-540

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