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Romarin Neptun Tug inc Fittings Set 1:50

Part No:
Price: 235.00

Approx: 231.08 / US$256.54 Tax Free

The Neptun is a semi-scale replica of a Hamburg tug boat in 1:50 scale. The original is used in harbours all over the world.

Included as standard in the kit is the fittings kit to complete all the scale detailing

During the construction of the model much emphasis is placed on scale details. On the lower mast platform is a functional, fire monitor.
By swivelling the Kort nozzle, Neptun is particularly manoeuvrable. The towing hook can also be opened remotely.

The kit is complete with building instructions with step by step photographs, exploded diagrams, full size building plan, transfers and suggested RC installation.

ABS hull, bulwark, machinery and wheelhouse
All fittings included
Propeller shaft & Propeller
Kort nozzle
Functional tow hook
Detailed, richly illustrated instructions and drawings

Scale: 1:50
Length: 570 mm
Width: 175 mm
Total displacement: 2500 g

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