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Romarin Happy Hunter Salvage Tug with Fitting Set

Part No:
Price: 745.00

Approx: 732.58 / US$813.29 Tax Free

The Happy Hunter is a scale reproduction of a Dutch ocean-going salvage tug to a scale of 1 : 50.

The boat is powered by a direct-drive, i.e. non-geared system, in the form of two high-torque MAX Power 700 electric motors. These are low-revving power plants driving a pair of high-performance marine propellers. Fixed Kort nozzles increase thrust, and the boat is capable of carrying out extremely arduous towing tasks and complex manoeuvres in conjunction with the bow thruster, which is an optional accessory. The capacious plastic hull allows the modeller to install numerous auxiliary working systems, and experienced builders will enjoy fitting out the Happy Hunter with a working lighting system, radar, anchor winch, sound system and towing mechanism. It is even possible to install a fully working crane; the crane itself is included in the kit.

Set contents
• Vacuum-moulded white ABS plastic hull and superstructure
• Die-cut parts for deck and superstructure
• Laser-cut parts for power system mountings and electronic component supports
• Complete rudder system
• Injection-moulded Kort nozzles
• Small hardware items
• Components for foremast, mainmast, crane etc.
• Decal sheet
• Building instructions with drawings and photographs
• Boatstand

Length approx. 1035 mm
Width approx 235 mm
Total displacement approx. 9500 g
Draught 120 mm

RC functions
Rudder, Motor control, Lighting systems, Auxiliary working systems

Essential accessories
R1108 Power Set Happy Hunter
P-CBF14NB F14 Navy 4/8/1 40MHz
RAB108-05 Bow Thruster

Replacement parts
R1465 Dynamic Propp.3-Blade D60R
R1464 Dynamic Propp.3-Blade D60L

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