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Romarin Dolly Harbour Launch 1:20

Part No:
Price: 107.00

Approx: 103.44 / US$108.79 Tax Free

This type of ship is used universally in many ports of the world. Depending on the model, these barge bodies are used for transporting people or materials, but can also be used for hauling ships or as extinguishing systems, equipped with special units. With the electric motor tuned to this trunk and the screw-in drive, the dolly can be driven in the same way as the model. The very good maneuverability results from the screw tunnel moulded into the fuselage.

The Dolly is easy to build. The kit contains the pre-formed fuselage, the pre-formed controlhouse made of transparent material (thus no cutting of the windows required) and further constructions and fixtures as well as the deck with laser cut-out. The complete steering system, steering tube with ship's shaft, ship's screw and clutch. Self-adhesive pictures and masks. The construction manual with drawings in several languages.
The additional fitting kit includes all lamps with pegs for connection as well as all fittings such as fans, bollards and much more.

Technical specifications
Scale 1:20
Length approx. 550 mm
Width approx. 165 mm
Total displacement approx. 1200 g

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