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Revell USS Enterprise 1:720 Scale

Part No:

Price: 26.50

Approx: 26.05 / US$28.92 Tax Free

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The nuclear-powered Enterprise is the first aircraft carrier of its kind and counts among the largest vessels ever built. The gigantic aircraft was put into service on 25.11.1961. Eight watercooled reactors generate a total power output of 300,000 HP with which the vessels achieves an average speed of 35 knots. She displaces 75,700 tons. The aircraft deck measures 76.8 m in width. On average there are 414 officers and 4260 crew on board. Since her nuclear power system makes the Enterprise independent of external supplies, it was possible to provide large fuel depots for the ship's aircraft. The largest and most modern aircraft of the US Navy can be operated from the Enterprise.

- Complete hull or water line option
- 30 ship-borne aircraft
- Detailed superstructures
- Rockets
- Radar antennas
- US Navy decals
- Display stand

Model details
Scale 1:720
No. of parts 102
Length 480 mm
Skill Level 4

Original details
Type description Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
Year/Period 1961
Engine capacity 300.000 PS
Speed 35 Knots

Revell colours Required:
5 White Matt
8 Black Matt
36 Carmine Red Matt
47 Mouse Grey Matt
77 Dust Grey Matt
78 Tank Grey Matt
92 Brass Metallic
301 White Silk
374 Grey Silk

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