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Revell Tiger II Ausf. B Konigstiger World of Tanks 1:72 Scale

Part No:

Price: 26.48

Approx: 26.04 / US$28.91 Tax Free

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The Tiger II is one of the most feared tanks of the Second World War and due to its armament as well as armor protection it had an easy time fighting against distant opponents. However, due to high weight, low durability of engine and drive, but also the small number of units, the Tiger II had little impact on the course of the war. In "World of Tanks" it is classified as a level 8 heavy tank.

Official World of Tanks licensed product
World of Tanks bonus
Rotatable turret with height-adjustable cannon
Turret hatches can be shown optionally open
Decals for original World of Tanks style

Number of parts: 143 Length: 142mm

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