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Revell Queen Mary 2 1:1200 Scale

Part No:
Price: 14.50

Approx: 14.25 / US$15.82 Tax Free

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The Queen Mary 2 is the superlative passenger liner. With 150,000 GRT, she is the largest, longest (345 m), tallest (at 72 m she is taller than the Statue of Liberty) and most magnificent ship ever built for the Cunard Line. 2,620 passengers can be accommodated on 14 stylish and luxuriously equipped passenger decks, plus a crew of 1,253. With her long, elegant hull and powerful engines (max. 29 knots) she was specially designed for transatlantic crossings; from Europe (Southampton, England) to North America (New York) in 6 days. The Queen Mary 2 concept was created in May 1998. After a further two years in development, in November 2000 the order was placed with a French shipyard and she was handed over to the Cunard Line on 22 December 2003. After wintering in the Caribbean, in April 2004 the ship entered regular transatlantic service. The Queen Mary 2 continues the tradition of North Atlantic travel, thus perpetuating an era of ocean travel that was already claimed to have ended.

- Detailed hull with many structures
- 4 engine pods with propelling screws
- Structural details on main deck
- Detailed swimming pools, with an optional decal
- Detailed deck superstructures
- Detailed funnel
- Radomes
- 8 launches, 14 lifeboats and 2 small speedboats
- Foredeck with 2 cargo cranes
- Representation of tennis courts
- Display stand with decals

Model details
Release date 10/2008
No. of parts 45
Length 287 mm
Skill Level 3

Original details
Type description Oceanliner
Year/Period 2003
Origin GB
Engine capacity 115.390 kW
Speed 30 kn

Colors: 37 88 301 302

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