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Revell M109A6 Paladin 1:72 Scale

Part No:
Price: 22.49

Approx: 21.74 / US$22.86 Tax Free

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The M109A6 self-propelled howitzer howitzer, also known as the Paladin, is the result of the Howitzer Improvement Program. The aim of the US Army howitzers was to improve the speed at which the Execution of the fire order and the change of position to increase. Among other things, the tower was completely redesigned for this purpose.

New Tool
Detailed surface structures
Detalized engine compartment
Scope of delivery:

plastic model kit (not assembled) Illustrated, multilingual building instructions, decals

Scale 1:76
No. of parts 179
Length 91 mm
Skill Level 5

Delays in the production of the first German main battle tanks led to the use of the armoured fighting vehicle II. After successful deployment in Poland and France at the beginning of the Second World War, it was also used in Russia and North Africa, although in the meantime it had become inferior to the enemy tanks. The F version developed in 1941 had reinforced front and side armour and with a weight of 9.5 tonnes reached a speed of 40 km/h.

- Includes 2 figures
- Diorama base showing ruins
- Rotating gun turret
- Flexible soft plastic tracks

Authentic representation of the following versions:
- Pz Rgt 8, 15. Pz Div, DAK, North Africa, 1941-1942
- 5. Leichte Division, DAK, North Africa, 1941

Colours Required
Main 9 78 91
Additional 17 35 76 83 85 86 87 88

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