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Revell Leonardo da Vinci Multiple Barrel Gun

Part No:
Price: 26.98

Approx: 26.53 / US$29.45 Tax Free

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In 1480 Leonardo da Vinci was just over 30 years of age and at the beginning of his career as a military engineer. With his idea of a large multi-barrel gun with a high rate of fire. he demonstrated among other things the extraordinary scientific performance he was capable of. The basic idea was that an individual gun could be re-loaded whilst another was fired. Leonardo's multi-barrel gun is thus considered to be a forerunner of the machine gun.
On this model, each of the 10 gun barrels is formed out of moulded metal.

Scale 1:16
Release date 08/2012
No. of parts 46
Length 250 mm
Wingspan 125 mm
Height 85 mm

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