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Revell Kubelwagen Type 82 Platinum Edition 1:9 Scale

Part No:

Price: 229.99

Approx: 222.33 / US$233.83 Tax Free

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The Type 82, better known as Kübelwagen, was the Wehrmacht's all-terrain vehicle par excellence. Kübelwagen were used on all battlefields and were able to withstand all climatic conditions due to their robustness. climatic conditions. The large scale of 1:9 already allows a very high detailing of the Kübelwag detailing of the Kübelwagen, which can be further enhanced with the photo-etched parts included in the kit. included in the kit.

Photo-etched parts
Functional suspension
Opening soft top
Very detailed engine
Fabric soft top
Steerable front axle
Rubber tyres
Model length: 42 cm
Limited edition

Scale 1:35
No. of parts 158
Length 137mm
Skill Level 4

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