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Revell Heinkel He177 A-5 Greif 1:72 Scale

Part No:
Price: 36.98

Approx: 36.37 / US$40.37 Tax Free

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A model of the He 177 A-5. Delivered from March 1942 onwards the He 177 A-5 was the only four-engine bomber in the German Luftwaffe. There were often problems due to the paired arrangement of the engines. It was also equipped with the remote-controlled gliding bomb Fritz X.

•Detailed Cockpit
•Gondola under the cockpit with machine guns
•Detailed periscope turret
•Rotatable upper twin machine gun mount
•Defensive gun bay in the tail
•Detailed bomb-bay
•2 SC 500 bombs
•Detailed under-carriage
•Rotatable propeller
•3 Fritz X remote-controlled gliding bombs
•Decal set for 2 Luftwaffe versions

Scale 1:32
No. of parts 366
Length 465mm
Wingspan: 256mm
Skill Level 5

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