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Revell Cutty Sark 150th Anniversary 1:220 Scale

Part No:
Price: 34.99

Approx: 34.12 / US$35.28 Tax Free

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Model kit of one of the fastest ships of its time. The Cutty Sark set many records on the oceans during her long service life. This set celebrates the 150th anniversary of the launch.

- Three-piece hull
- Structured sails
- One-piece masts
- Prefabricated shrouds
- Detailed wood and copper plate reproductions
- Stand with name plate
- Detailed deck planking
- Windlasses, pumps and steering wheels
- Includes yarn for standing and running rigging
- Coloured flags
- Decals

In addition to base colours, adhesives and brushes are also included.

Scale 1:220
No of parts 164
Length: 406mm
Height: 260mm

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