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Revell C-160 Transall Eloka 1:72 Scale

Part No:
Price: 44.99

Approx: 43.49 / US$45.74 Tax Free

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A model construction kit of the C-160 Transall that can be built in either the ESS version of the German Air Force or the French Air Force NG version. The German C-160's have for many years been deployed primarily to resupply troops in Afghanistan.

• Chaff dispenser
• ESS pod on the wings
• Sensor array
• Refuelling probe for the NG version
• Detailed cockpit with 4 seats
• Interior cladding with conduits
• Bench seating and carrying racks
• Detailed rear loading ramp
• Detailed main under-carriage
• Rotatable propellers

Scale 1:72
No. of parts 264
Length 450 mm
Wingspan 555mm
Skill Level 5

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