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Revell Antonov AN-225 Mrija 1:144 Scale

Part No:

Price: 94.99

Approx: 91.83 / US$96.58 Tax Free

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Model replica of the Antonov An-225 in flight version. With an original length of 84 meters, it is not only the largest aircraft in the world, but also the only one with six engines. It is the only aircraft of this type to carry the heaviest loads around the globe and is regularly requested for special transports. It currently holds both the record for the highest total cargo (247 tons) ever transported by air and the heaviest single cargo item (190 tons). Total take-off weight: 605 tons.

Large display stand
Closed fuselage for the flight version
Cockpit replica
Detailed twin tail unit
Antennas and pitot tubes
Six detailed engines
Decal with decorative stripes of the operational period 1992 to 2007 and 200

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