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Revell Advent Calender VW T2 Bus

Part No:
Price: 52.99

Approx: 51.23 / US$53.88 Tax Free

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he VW T2 is the second generation of the legendary Bulli and is in no way inferior to its predecessor, the T1, in terms of cult status. With this Advent calendar, you can now build the classic yourself. Everything you need is included in the 24 doors and at Christmas your VW T2 bus will be under the Christmas tree.

The innovative easy-click system guarantees quick success with this model: Multi-colored, precisely manufactured components are stably connected by simply plugging them together and decorated with stickers.

easy-click kit of the VW T2 Bus
Sticker sheet
Building instructions
5 Aqua Color paints for optional detail painting
detail painting
Side cutter
Sand sheet file
Model making knife

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